While You’re Here…

More than likely, if you are planning a trip to Tokyo, the name Tsukiji Fish Market would have been mentioned as one of the ‘to-do’s. Also you may have heard about the planned move (which had some delays due to various reasons), the temp closure of the market some years back (rumoured to be a rodeo act by some baka-gaijin) – some interesting articles online for laughs.

However, at the point of writing this, the Tsukiji Fish Market still resides next to Ginza and the Sumida River. If you want to check out this historic location, better get to it soon before they move out. But if you miss it, it may relocate back to this spot after 5 years.

It is quite an experience, and if you happen to be there on a weekend, you get a small taste of what the peak time trains would feel like… actually not even close, but you get the idea.


Crowds Feeding & Shopping

If you intend to make it for market experience, here’s what you can expect to see –

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Yummy Crab Yummy crabs

If you intend to make it for the auctions and/or the top-rated sushi restaurants, you may want to camp out overnight/stay up late at a 24-hour place (e.g. Jonathan’s, izakayas, etc). I have heard various reports of people needing to queue up at 3 or 4 am for the auction/restaurants. So good luck to ya mate! ☺


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