One of a kind…

To a large majority of folks, it would seem odd to go for a burger in Maccas (McDonald’s) when in a land of amazing healthy tasty food like Japan.

Maccas menu Munchies at Maccas

However, the Ebi (Prawn) burger here is definitely worth trying.
The next time you are near Maccas in Japan, have a bite of this burger and leave your comments below 😉

Ebi (Prawn) Burger
Ebi (Prawn) Burger



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  1. The Wadas says:

    Oh cool. Is it a seasonal thing? You might wanna try Ebi burger at Lotteria. It is also well-known. .


    1. seems to be available all year round 🙂

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  2. cookingtrips says:

    Mmmmmm it looks yummy! I could almost travel to Japan just to taste this burger!!! haha!!

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