Interactive Sushi for Gaijins

A popular place that’s crowded with tourists is Genki Sushi in Shibuya. The quality of sushi is pretty decent and the selling point is that it has English in its e-menu, which is a touch screen. Also, the variety sushi will bring you back for more.

Variety of sushi and more
Variety of sushi and more

You get to order your sushi using the touch screen and after submitting your order, your sushi will be delivered to you via the ‘sushi train’. Take your plate from it, and press a flashing button to send the train back to the kitchen.

After spending enough, you get to play Rock-Paper-Scissors against the AI.

Genki Sushi
Try your luck with this game!

Winners get to choose (at the cashier) a discount voucher for your next visit or a souvenir sushi key chain.

Definitely worth checking out!


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  1. Stevoi says:

    I got to try this

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