The Sky’s the Limit

The tallest tower in world and the 2nd tallest free-standing structure in the world to date.

At 634m, the Tokyo Skytree is a magnificent structure from afar and up close. It looks fantastic during the day and at night. The structure is also earthquake resistant, with high-tech seismic proofing mechanisms, which claimed by the designers, could absorb up to 50% of the energy from an earthquake.

Skytree during the day
Skytree during the day

The view from the Tembo Deck @ 350m or Tembo Galleria @ 450m is simply brilliant.

Day view   Before the sun sets

“At the door” price is currently around US$20 for an adult pass to the Tembo Deck and an additional US$10 if you wish to go up to the Tembo Galleria for a better view. Further information can be found on

A tip: aim to arrive by 5pm to catch the day view, sunset and night view. Weekdays would definitely be less crowded unless it’s a public holiday.

The evening view Night View

This is definitely a spot not to miss when you are in Tokyo.

The Skytree lit at night
The Skytree lit at night

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